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Product presentation: SAUNA REDUCER DELUXE
With the Deluxe version of Sauna Reducer, take advantage of a digital remote control to adjust the time, temperature and program of your belt!

You can choose between 3 programs:

– Fat Burner Program

– Cellulite Drainage Program

– Maintaining physical fitness program

You no longer support your curves and bulges? Would you like to find a flat stomach and a thinner waist? Do you find that sport takes too long and that diets are restrictive?

We have the solution to help you reduce your waistline in no time!

Sauna Reducer Deluxe is a very effective sweating belt that helps you refine your figure at home, in just 50 minutes, thanks to sweating! With Sauna Reducer Deluxe, you sweat, so you eliminate excess water … It couldn’t be easier! You get visible and measurable results from the first application, without making any effort! Practical, its digital remote control allows you an even easier and flexible use!

How it works ? Just put on your sweatbelt and set the heat level that’s right for you. Then sit back on your sofa and relax! Sauna Reducer Deluxe takes care of your line!

The secret ? Sauna Reducer Deluxe activates sweating by recreating the conditions of a sauna. Thanks to its very wide ingenious shape and its efficient thermoregulation system, Sauna Reducer Deluxe allows you to control the temperature and refine your figure exactly where you want it! It helps to act directly on the bulges of the belly, on the hips, the lower back, the dimples of the buttocks, hips and thighs.

With Sauna Reducer Deluxe, you will sweat in a more targeted way than if you had a sauna session. After 2 weeks of use, the results will be even more visible! Your line is visibly refined, your belly has shrunk, you feel thinner and in great shape!

Sauna Reducer Deluxe is suitable for everyone, regardless of physical condition, and adapts to all sizes. To fully benefit from the results of Sauna Reducer Deluxe, your sweating belt is supplied with its digital remote control and a slimming guide.

Technical characteristics :

Belt dimensions: 123cm (length) and 27cm (width)

Maximum waist size: 115-120cm


Composition of the offer:

1 Deluxe Reducer Sauna Belt

1 Digital Remote Control

1 Recipe booklet (7-day plan)

1 measuring tape

1 User Manual


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