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All Fonction Trainer BH Hi-Power

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Thanks to this innovative concept, users can work in groups of up to 12 people at the same time.
Multi-station machine BH L360 Hi-Power. It allows you to have 12 separate workstations. Work with elastic bands, TRX type straps, wallballs and other accessories (not supplied).
4 stations with disc loading column for performing classic strength training exercises based on pull handles: double low pull (loaded at 95 kg), 2 180° pivot pull stations (loaded at 65 kg), and 1 universal half face pull station loaded at 65 kg.

V-module with pull bar, shelves for storing accessories (medicine balls, Kettlebels), bindings for ropes and elastics, bindings for triceps station and plyometric platform.
Plyometric platform and interchangeable and height-adjustable triceps bar.
Angled bar sleeves for core trainer type training (2 in number).
Connecting module with drawbars and suspension ladder.

Adjustment elements in high-contrast yellow. Allows quick and convenient visual identification of the setting selectors for all types of users, without the need for the teacher.

High quality frame structure made of 4 mm thick ST-37/40 quality steel.
Coat paint treatment. Composed of an anti-corrosion impregnation that guarantees the durability of this machine. On top is applied a coat of epoxy powder and lacquer or varnish finish that gives it a modern, professional and highly developed design.
Highly protective polycarbonate fairing. Shock tested. Better safety against accidents. Easy to clean.

High strength 5mm thick coated steel cable. Contributes to a flexible and safe transmission.

Load plates with didactic weight indicators in 3 colours according to the load level: light, medium and advanced (green, yellow and red). Very intuitive system that allows the user to quickly identify the load and its evolution or progress during the exercise. No need to stand up to change the load, you can do it in the working position.
Load selector with magnetized safety. The load selector cannot be removed during operation.

Non-absorbent, non-slip rubber push handles.

High structure 50mm above the ground and feet with rubber protections. Allows the vacuum cleaner mouth to be inserted and cleaned without scratching the paint.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 490 x 356 x 257 cm
Weight: 890 kg.

Warranty 5 years on the chassis and 2 years on the rest including the cables and pulleys of the bodybuilding machines (parts and manufacturer’s labour).
Complies with EN957 class S (standard for professional use).

The machine is delivered unassembled, which allows easy passage in rooms that are difficult to access.

Options: plyometric platform, triceps station, rebounder


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